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If you are a business owner or even just an employee, regardless of the size of the business, you have to be using a website to obtain leads for new business from people looking for the products and services you are offering on the internet. You probably already have a website, or you might think that your company doesn’t need one in order to attract new customers. The truth is that today’s consumers use the internet as a primary source for information regarding services and products they plan to purchase, even if that purchase will be made in a brick and mortar store rather than an online retailer, so if your company is not being found online, you are not being considered alongside your competitors, plain and simple. However, the ‘if you build it they will come’ mentality does not apply on the internet. Having a website does not guarantee that people will actually come to it and make a purchase or give you a phone call. That’s why you need an experienced SEO company to do what it takes to get your website found online when people are searching for your service or product offerings.

That’s where B2B comes in. Contact one of our SEO experts today if you have any questions or concerns about SEO and getting your website found in the large ocean of websites out there. We love to help small businesses succeed online and are also able to tackle medium and big businesses. We have multiple clients who have already reached the #1 spot on Google for their targeted keywords and are reaping the benefits. We would love to add you to our portfolio!

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Here at, we believe that the best way to make the most of your SEO is not just by using external signals, like links, to optimise your webpages. Our team of on-page SEO experts will delve into not just the content, also the HTML source code, and optimise it, taking into account all aspects of the webpage. This means that the prominence of your page in search results is guaranteed to greatly improve, due to comprehensive and code-level search engine optimisation.

We take a global approach to on-page SEO, and understand that when most businesses nowadays are employing some form of search engine optimisation on their webpages, it’s important to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. We look at meta tags, title tags, meta descriptions and many other on-page SEO factors to provide all-round optimisation for your webpages.

All of this in turn, means your site hits your target audience and you get the right people, seeing the right information for them.


I am always wary of web promotion companies. Working in the IT sector myself, I realised that you can easily be misled with what you actually require, that is why I opted for B2B

The consultation was professional and friendly. I found that I saved a chunk of time and money compared with what I would have spent with other companies. Highly Recommended


Aside from offering excellent online support, their professional and friendly attitude has been second to none, and whenever we have had a problem, they’ve sorted it out promptly and without hassle.

Our business has been turned around and staff have noticed the improvement. I no longer have to walk around our office floors avoiding dreaded staff complaints with website issues.


Our goal is to provide stunning responsive websites and then get them to page 1 on Google. To do this, we use the three main steps below:

Choose your plan

The first step is to choose the best plan according to your business needs.

Have your site built

Once you’ve chosen the plan that suits you best, sit back and relax while we do the hard work.

Then we use SEO

Finally, we use SEO to fly you to the top of Google’s rankings.