Social Media Marketing

One of the largest and constantly growing ways to target your clients is now through social media. With the rise of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, why not use those to your advantage and target your clients on platforms they use daily?

Know your customers better

Use your free WiFi Hotspot as social networking hub and marketing platform. B2B Social Media Intelligence is a FREE internet access portal enabling customers to be online in seconds, with no registration or passwords.

This service allows a business to connect with customers using their own familiar social media connections.  Connecting with customers as friends offers a much softer approach.


Customers find your free WiFi with your business name clearly recognisable to everyone.


Your customers are online in seconds with a cool WiFi portal branded to your business.


Get a Facebook “Like” or Twitter “follow” from everyone who connects.


Customers share your pre designed post, which also lets them check-in. Word-of-mouth just went digital.

Track all your visitors, new and returning with your customer analytics suite.


Using “likes” from Facebook followers, followers from Twitter, connections via Linkedin or Google to provide free WiFi access to customers. All information collected goes into a database and is used by marketing to design prescriptive offers or promotions unlocking massive marketing potential.