WordPress Speed Optimisation

Your company image is our priority and with that in mind, we aim to provide you with a beautiful responsive and bespoke website that suits your business’ every need, whether that is a simple ‘one page’ information site or a fully fledged e-commerce store.

Demand more from your WordPress website

As your business grows, your website probably will too, and if you’re using WordPress, this can end up becoming a problem. As you add more plugins and functionality to your website, WordPress will start to struggle, leaving you with a slow and sluggish website which puts off customers and damages brand reputation. It’s proven that slower browsing has a direct impact on clicks, customer satisfaction, and – most importantly – sales.

Promote.it can help fix the problem

The problem of speed with WordPress is notorious amongst the developer community, meaning that we’ve been able to spend time to identify key sticking points within the webhosting platform. Promote.it have spent many years honing and developing our approach to WordPress, meaning, we’re fully prepared to combat those pesky speed problems on your WordPress site:

  • Identify and fix issues with your webhost
  • Audit your theme for bugs
  • Speed up your website’s caching to improve load times
  • Optimise images and homepage for different screens and devices
  • Comprehensive database and revisions clean-up
  • Custom coding to prevent hotlinking and stop browsers from fetching static content with each new visit
  • Replace PHP with static HTML for static content wherever necessary
  • And much more!

Ready to give it a go?

Every website is different and will have a unique set of problems which may be causing slow load times. We’ll perform a full audit and clean-up of your website, eliminating any problem areas and helping you keep your business growing and your customers happy. Interested? Give us a call today to find out more from our team of expert advisors and developers.